Music Therapy

"Music can name the unnamable and communicate the unknowable." -Leonard Bernstein

As a board-certified music therapist, Loretta takes the power of music very seriously. It can heal, bridge gaps, reveal truths, and open hearts, all without using words. Connection and expression is a basic part of the human experience. Medeiros is working to create better access to that through the use of music. 

Loretta has trained with populations including:

~students with both mental and physical disabilities

~at risk-youth

~students in a pediatric clinical setting

~ patients in hospice care
~people suffering from extreme isolation, depression and anxiety

~ children with autism and neurodiversities


How do you feel?

How do you want to feel?

What does that look like?

Professional Presentations


Living Color: Two Therapists’ Perspectives of the Integration of Multiculturalism

Loretta Johnson, MM, MBA, MT-BC
Peter Meyer, MA, MT-BC

Two therapists from underserved communities will discuss their experiences in music therapy including: poverty, experience as a therapist of color in a predominantly white institution, an innovative mindset for working with people of different cultures, and integrating unfamiliar music to address client need.

American Music Therapy Association:

Great Lakes Region 2020 Conference


Music Therapy  Board Exam Prep:

Making Test Prep a Lifestyle

Loretta Johnson, MM, MBA, MT-BC

Here we take a look at standardized testing for a practical field that blends clinical work with musicianship. We explore engaging the subconscious brain with unconventional tools, such as playlists and scents, the timing of a study regimen, and dig deep into text anxiety. Mentorship is highly recommended to support growing professionals in a young field of practice.

SMWC, 2020

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The Elephant in the Room of Internship:

The Things We Don't Talk About

Loretta Johnson, MM, MBA, MT-BC
Sarah Maxwell, MA, MT-BC

The focus of this round table discussion is designed to address the issues related socioeconomic status, multiculturalism, emotional support and education inconsistencies for pre-internship, during internship and post-internship.

Musicworx 2020 Conference