Adaptive Lessons

Most of you are familiar with the music lessons we rock out in the studio. Adaptive lesson instruction is a service I offer in the music therapy practice. People who are differently abled sometimes need support in a different way, which is there I come in.

From adapting the actual instrument, like chord adapters on a guitar, or changing the teaching approach for someone who has autism, adaptive lessons can level the playing field of music. Pictured above is my former student, who was VERY passionate about the Beatles. My good friend Andy, owner of Every Body Loves Music out of Nashville, introduced us in our work toward equitable music lessons. We worked together with eye tracking software to help Sasha learn to play the drums along with live guitar. It was not only interesting, but really fun to jam with him!

This is only one example of the many ways I approach lessons. I can’t express how imperative it is for teachers to meet students at their level before guiding them forward.This is key to the work.

If you are looking for a therapeutic approach to music lessons, let me know!

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