Breaking Tradition... a millennial's start in audio

I LOOOOVE a trailblazer! Gender diversity in the audio engineering field has been a hot topic since I was an anxious grad student at NYU. About a week ago, I got a call from my marketing company with a new student for the studio. She is a recent high school graduate wanting to break into the audio industry and very aware of the challenges. Amanda has been taking independent audio production lessons with me, and as I've gotten to know her I have realized something important. She has a bigger purpose than to simply record. She doesn't want to make beats or record big orchestras. She isn't interested in winning a grammy or become famous (she does have a gorgeous singing voice). Amanda simply understands that she has a lot to learn about sound and is seeking out the education she needs so she can inspire others with her message as a female producer and singer.

Amanda finished high school this year and dreams of creating a YouTube channel with a strong vision and clean sound. She understands the power of sound from the consumer's point of view and has a list of YouTubers that she admires for simply that. I wish I could go back in time and shake my 22 year old self in thinking bigger. She inspires me. One of the main points I remind her of is that in order to reach a certain quality of work, she needs to slow down. Amanda is definitely a millennial with super powers running at a Manhattan pace. We are working on her listening and analysis skills as I teach her the basics of audio production. Keep an eye out for this one. She gets it at a very young age.

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