Breathing Through COVID-19

In the last year breathing has taken on an entirely new meaning. We collectively held our breath last spring when we realized our lives were shifting to a "new normal." Then, many of us lost our breath, myself included, when loved ones passed on. Now some of us fortunate enough to make it to the other side of the virus are having lasting trouble taking in air.

In the studio, I am working with several singers who are quite literally learning to breathe again. Notes aren't as powerful and vocal registers are cut short. As a Music Therapist, I can see the emotional toll this can take on a person who is used to singing with ease. I have to give my students kudos for pushing through, doubling down on practice time, and most of all being patient with their voices. Our voice is an organic instrument. If you are having the same trouble after a bout with COVID-19 healing will take time, but it is possible. From working on breathing through a straw, to diaphragmatic exercises and long tones, the studio's singers and some Music Therapy clients are working their way back to normalcy. In the meantime, get as much socially distanced fresh air as you can and track those gratitudes. I don't ever want anything to take your breath away.

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