Change is in the air...

March is one of my favorite months (Happy Birthday to ME!). As the clock struck midnight and the calendar switched over to those fabulous five letters this weekend, I got a rush. 2019 has been off to a VERY intense start. I have found a flow in my internship, celebrated leaps and bounds in the salon, and truly connected with my healing clients on a much deeper level. All of the advice and guidance from my mentors is ringing like church bells, and my body has transformed with the amazing foods I am exploring in the kitchen. Whoohooo!!

The studios have some rad updates for the coming month and my website got a mini makeover as well. Check it out!

Loretta Michal Salon is gearing up for a VERY busy wedding season. Along with the wedding of my ZUMBA bestie, I currently have a record number of weddings on the books so far. Along with amazing hair, my brides have been rocking Rodan + Fields Lash Boost. I was pretty surprised at how fast the orders were coming in until I started the regimen myself. Man! I'll never need lash extensions. I even have a client who had so much success she took a break because her lashes got too long! LOL!

In the healing studio, I love centering myself and grounding the space for my reiki clients. Did you know that I offer sound healing sessions too? It can look very different per client, but the power of drumming, toning, and absorbing sound frequencies can be very healing, especially when combined with guided meditation. I also got the amazing opportunity to be the sound engineer for my mentor's shamanic drumming tracks on Insight Timer. Take a look at the wellness page on my website to learn more.

It is with a deeply broken heart that I share the loss of one of the music studio's students, Sasha Lev. Pictured here is the last piece that Sasha composed. He was an incredible lyricist and spending time with him was truly one of the highest points of my week. Along with Andy Larkin, I sang at Sasha's funeral in Skokie, IL.

THANK YOU to those who sent love, condolences, and personally assisted me with making changes in the studio on short notice after this sudden news. Your understanding and support meant the world to me and made my week much easier. I love you.

Moving forward, Sasha's music teachers and I are compiling an EP of music that he wrote along with our own original compositions inspired by him. For those who would like to help, you can send donations to

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