How are you slowing down?

Sleep is the MOST important thing you can do to feed your body.

For me, this is a VERY busy time of year. Business is booming as I plan for a new chapter in January (Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me through that transition). I am focusing on staying on top of "all the things" while digging deeper into my self care so I can do "all the things." During all of this, the world is slowing down. Trees are turning beautiful colors and preparing to rest. Even my bunny is sleeping more during the day. This got me wondering how you are resting. It is important to remember that just because everything around you is a hustle of stress, doesn't mean you need to be the same.

Remember the old water cooler story? One person comes in, expressing how exhausted they are. Then, another person shares that they only got 3 hours of rest the night before. Before you know it, everyone is moaning and groaning about various complaints in their life. Until then, you thought you felt pretty good, but the compassionate side of you now feels tired and cranky as well.

It is ok to hold space for those friends AND take care of yourself. So, this is your loving reminder to take that time. Get some extra sleep, even if it means going to bed 30 minutes early (yes, you CAN do it). Drink more water. I simply upgraded the size of my water bottle. Those of you know know me deeply know I rock the busy life, but I am definitely much more mindful about politely declining that invite when I need to, compassionatley disagreeing with friends instead of hiding my own thoughts to avoid conflict, and turning my home space into one where I can feel peace instead of stress (which can be hard to do when you work from home). My diet has changed, my focus has changed, and choosing to take care of myself instead of reacting to others feels awesome. How are you slowing down to care for yourself?

P.S. - Isn't the cat above super cute? When you feel stressed, just look at her. It works! ;-)

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