In the Studio: Sick Days and Mental Health

Students call and cancel lessons for all kinds of reasons... a cold, too tired after a late night sleepover, last minute birthday party, lack of transportation, etc. What we all need to remember is that mental health counts too.

Depression, exhaustion, and even stress all affect our ability to perform. In the studio, it definitely affects our ability to sing with freedom. Now, we all know that playing music can also help heal our woes, but sometimes someone's ability to access their instrument and share melody lines from the heart is inhibited by their capacity to process emotion in that moment.

A singer's body is their instrument. So, when you have a knot in your throat from something unspoken, or a stomach ache from a stressful week at work, consider checking in with yourself before you sing. How does it feel in your body? Can you get through a song and remain connected to your voice? If all you can think about are your troubles when preparing for your lesson, I invite you to give me a call. We can talk through it and help you figure out how ready you are for your lesson, or if it is better to reschedule. This counts for children too! We all know when our kids are irritable, for one reason or another. When a child is unconsolable, as compared to their usual positive demeanor, it's time for a check in. We all deserve grace and compassion when we are off our game. Children are no exception.

All through my childhood I was a straight A student. This came with an immense amount of stress and anxiety from my parents and myself. I would work myself into a tizzy if I ever fell below and A, convincing myself that the world was ending. There were several times that I was so dysregulated my mom would keep me home from school to let my brain clear. I was very grateful for my mother's insight. She knew that I was beyond performing for school and that I was not ok.

You all know I am the ultimate fan of self-care in all forms. The next time attending your lesson feels like lifting a megaton of bricks, consider where that feeling is coming from (...and I am not talking about the guilt of not practicing. That is pretty clear.). We are human and various parts of our lives seep through the cracks. Take care of yourself.

Love, Loretta

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