Let's Go Back in With Heart

We are a week away from the end of summer break in the studio, resuming July 11th. The last seven weeks have been a whirlwind for me and I am hoping you have had as much fun as I have. Breaks are important. I feel like "burnout" and "workaholic" are buzz words we hear often these days. I value self-care and resting as much as I value hard work, but this can look different when taking a "break" from music. First of all, we never really "take a break". Music is everywhere! It's in the background at restaurants, shopping stores, and even gas stations. I hear it as a soundscape for video games and TV shows. When I take a break, I dig into music for ME. I sit at the piano and improvise my world, I try out new chords and songs on guitar, I rock out to karaoke tracks of my favorite tunes, and sometimes you can find me just laying on the floor listening to that old CD (yes, I said CD - look it up) from high school. The only rule is I can't use music that I am working on with any of my students or clients. It's my self-care playlist.

So now that we are gearing up to return to the studio, I want you to dream a bit about what that looks like for you. How are you feeling about music? Is it that nagging thing that you avoid because practicing just feels like too much work? Are you so in love that you never took a break from working at all? Do you feel proud of your warmup exercises, but stressed about the songs you're learning? Let's get down to the heart of why you are studying music and what you want that to FEEL like. Then we'll go from there. I am so excited to see all of you on Sunday. Have a beautiful week!

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