Let's talk about "Grace".

The dictionary defines it at "courteous goodwill." Today I felt it. Hard. After an all-nighter organizing and researching for my upcoming move to San Diego, this morning I finally took the suggestion many had made to create a GoFundMe for my trip. Between the hotels, gas for the car, bunny food, and so much more needed for the 2,973 mile drive in three short weeks, I was in over my head with budgeting. I could have never imagined the grace that came my way today. My partner describes it as "the stuff that fills in the gaps of life." That is perfect.

Not only did people share and donate to my fundraiser today, but I got messages offering places to sleep along the way, hot meals, networking, bunny-sitting, places to rest.... the list goes on. I can't believe it. Tears, y'all. So many tears of gratitude. In one day I made a huge leap toward my goal. Don't worry, I will blog along the way. Bunny blogs are the best.

In short, Chloe and I thank you so very much. San Diego here we come!


P.S. - Some of you asked that I post a copy of the fundraiser here, so here you go:


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