Music in My Heart

Most of you know that I am currently working on my music therapy internship. The clinical work that we do is very complex... much more than simply playing music to help people "feel better". Our work includes family support, understanding diseases and disorders, and so much more beyond the baseline of clinical musicianship. One thing that took me by surprise was how I handle the grief process. Helping others though loss and working through my own grief has become an everyday moment, as opportunities to provide musical support for those in critical care and even memorials come up.

One thing I find myself reflecting upon often is music's part in all of that. A powerful song that I am working on is "Remember Me" from the movie Coco. The lyrics are deep, the movie is beautiful, and the meaning behind each note as it hits your heart takes my breath away. There is an intimate moment that happens when I play music for those who are grieving. Self-care doesn't begin to cover the nuance that laces itself through the heart during every chord. It's as if the music synchs up with each heartbeat and every breath.

Saying that "life is hard" is the understatement of the year, but it is true. Life is anything but linear, and it consistently challenges us to push ourselves to be more authentic every day. That can be difficult when you can't see clearly through your tears. I use music to get quiet and hear my heartbeat. It tells me when to pause and guides me with what to do next.

What helps your heart heal?

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