My Resolution Rehab

A few years ago, I jumped OFF the New Year's Resolution band wagon. For me, focusing on digging deep into too many goals once a year only to burn out shortly after was more depressing than inspiring. Instead, I focused on new goals when they hit me. In 2018, that was in September.

~ I adopted a new gratitude practice.

~ I took my businesses to a new level with big changes in marketing and logistics.

~ I reinvested in myself with what I chose to put in and on my body.

~ I began a self-care regimen that helped me to lose unwanted weight and prepare for my music therapy internship.

This only worked because I felt uncomfortable enough to make a change. In prior years, I only made changes in January because everyone else was. (Silly me.) If you have committed to new changes in your life, I encourage you to take on the mindset to make lifestyle changes. Those of you who know me deeply know I am a goals girl. Goals keep me organized and push me forward, but they are just a small piece of the puzzle. I am not on a diet. I have changed my diet. I don't have paid hobbies. I am blessed to have a creative career.

I am excited to share some big things in the coming months. I am closer to the me I really want to be, surrounded by those who energize me instead of those who drain me. In the mean time, YOU do YOU. You are PERFECT! Anything more is just a bonus.

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