Realizing Dreams and Changing the World

"If I could reach the stars

I'd pull one down for you

Shine it on my heart

So you could see the truth

That this love I have inside

Is everything it seems

But for now I find

It's only in my dreams

That I can Change the world"

- Eric Clapton

My heart is beating a mile and a minute and the butterflies in my stomach are taking over this week. It's one of those moments you can't imagine ever coming to... until it happens. Over the last five years I have been focused on project design and music education in my studio. This month it all came together into a position I have been interviewing for since April with a team that I greatly admire. I am now the new Program Manager of School Partnerships at Changing Worlds in Pilsen! This is huge, not only for the incredible work they do, but because by merging with Foundations of Music (Remember my post about Emmett Till Elementary?) they are on boarding the music programs I will manage AND they have a beautifully diverse staff. For those of you close to me, you know how important a diverse work culture is to me, especially now.

This position literally takes all of my music and business tools and places them comfortably in a glitter-lined toolbox. This is my new home people! As far as my music studio, not to worry. I have already spoken to all of my students and reorganized my studio into its new schedule. New enrollment will close Sept.1st per usual as we transition into the fall season. The best part is the time I now have for more jam sessions. In the last two weeks, I have played both the bagpipes and the French horn!

To top it all off, I have signed on to a special project, taking online music lessons to the next level. Challenge Charter School in Arizona is piloting a new program with Takelessons, featuring myself and two of my colleagues, as we teach their general music curriculum online. This comes with a series of challenges for the small school, but is their only viable option for facilitating a comprehensive music program. It is incredible to see how the industry is shifting and adjusting to bring more art to primary schools and I am proud to be a part of it. I am spending my Wednesdays online and on screen in the school's 5th and 6th grade classrooms singing, dancing, and digging into Arizona's music culture. The kids are so excited!

All in all, life is oh so good, so thank you thank you thank you! I couldn't be happier that you have all supported my journey. After all, isn't Changing the World what it's all about?

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