Summertime is prime time for my most serious students to take a bite out of big projects that aren't interrupted by the stress of homework, holidays and sports. College students return to showcase their new skills and adult students take time to learn a new instrument. In the meantime, my year-long students begin their summer season intensives that take a bit more discipline and commitment than a regular practice schedule.

Marley is the studio's most dedicated R&B singer/songwriter. She is 11 years old and NEVER comes to her lesson without her lyric book. The most amazing thing about her is the depth of her songs at such a young age. She has a very unique perspective on the world and is constantly bringing her mom (and myself) to tears with her words. We are currently working on the second single of her first EP. Keep an eye out for this one! She is one of the many highlights of my week.

Want to try out a private lesson for yourself? Send me a message. There are limited spots left in August before the hustle bustle of the school year begins.

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