The Bigger Picture

Almost everywhere I go, people ask me what my big goal is. This usually comes once they find out how many pieces there are to my career puzzle. Here's the thing... I am doing exactly what I love. Over the years, I have worked every job, side hustle, and gig I can imagine. Now, am in a place where I say no to the people and things that don't serve me and yes to what feels in alignment with my big picture. As a teaching artist, I get to work for myself and share the experiences that make music so organically intangible without the red tape.

This past week I was delighted to receive an email recognizing me as a candidate for an award that will be publicly announced at the 2019 3Arts Awards celebration, taking place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in November! "3Arts Awards offer applause and recognition to Chicago-based women artists, artists of color, and artists with disabilities who work in the performing, teaching, and visual arts. Each year, they invite a group of local experts to nominate outstanding Chicago artists who are deserving of the support and recognition that a 3Arts Award entails." Check them out at My heart is full and grateful to even be considered.

This is just another step toward my big picture. One step closer to building my healing arts center. One step closer to seeing the hard work pay off while I enjoy the crazy ride I am on. It makes me think of every student, colleague, mentor, and ensemble that has heard my musical voice. I am grateful for the courage and grit that I have needed to say no to the wrong things and yes to the magic. Thank you!

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