Twighlight Zone

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Who remembers that show? Rod Sterling got it right. Disconnected timelines, illusions of reality... That resonates pretty loudly these days. I am pretty accustomed to change, but the studio is in a completely different state. I can't believe the progress we have made since March. We went from 13 to 30 students in 8 weeks, maxing out the calendar and closing new enrollment. Whoohooo! The coolest part is almost half of the students are ADULTS!!! I love it when people find their groove in going after their goals like that. On the other end, we welcomed a few new 3-5 year olds and therapeutic music sessions are in full swing.

Some of you may have heard through the grapevine that the studio moved. Yup! We are now on the east coast, close to my home and right by the ocean. Check out that view! Since the world has gone remote so have we. It wasn't too far of a hop, skip, and a jump since I have been teaching online for over 12 years. All students transitioned smoothly, including our group music classes and charter school classes. So, feel free to rock your sweatpants as long as your posture is on point. ;)

Coming up we have TWO virtual recitals: Jonathan on Piano and Maia on Flute. Jonathan joined the studio when we was so small his feet couldn't reach the floor when he sat on the piano bench. Maia came to us just before our last space and made a mark in her middle school band with incredible tone and pitch. They are both incredible artists with passion to show the world.

More than anything I want to say thank you. Thank you to all of you who were incredibly supportive when I made the decision to move. Thank you to those who dropped off lasagna and love notes while I slept in between packing boxes. Thank you to those who gave me space to just breathe when I arrived. I am now in a cozy home with my partner and loving the autonomy of my life. Feel free to send an email when you want to check in. You will always be a part of my studio, whether we live virtually or in real life.

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