We Are Family!!!

On October 28 we will host the music studio's fall potluck! It's a great opportunity for our families, students, and musicians alike to get to know each other and jam out together. Taking private lessons can sometimes be super isolating when you get lost in playing scales, plunking out unfamiliar chords, and focusing on posture and breathing. Sometimes students get to play an impromptu duet while passing between lessons, but there are more out there! Our online studio has grown with students from Belize, Ireland, Asia, Britain, Africa and more! I am suuuuper excited to spend some time with our in-studio students. Who knows... maybe we'll start a band!

Sophia wrapped up her demo here in the studio just before moving to Paris (yes, I said Paris) to launch her music career overseas. I got to see her last live performance in Logan Square. She is an incredible talent, mixing her singer-songwriter style with her background in theater.

Evan is a local young actor who is consistently auditioning for the next spot on stage. After playing Dodger in "Oliver" (his accent is amazing!), he was recently cast into a production of the "Polar Express". On top of that, his mom, Marietta, has joined us on our music journey, taking piano lessons alongside Evan. She's jumping right in proving that it is never too late to start music lessons!

Offsite, I have been working with the worship team at Storehouse Church in Portage Park. They are a wonderful group of talented artists looking to take their performance skills to the next level. While there, I met a wonderful young man names Luis, who was very inquisitive about Live Sound Reinforcement and working the sound board each week. After about 5 minutes, he became the newest addition to the studio roster, taking my independent Audio Production Course. Rock on Luis!

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