What a difference 5 months makes...

The last time we talked it was October! Oh man! After all this time the one thing I’ve learned is that change is the one constant in my life.

This is me, almost 9 months after my move and into my new career! After closing the salon in Chicago (Don’t worry. My product lines aren’t going anywhere and I’ve got appointments on the books for on-site work.) and leaving my Arts Management job, I am finally a full time Board-Certified Music Therapist at an inpatient behavioral health hospital. The bags under my eyes in the picture above are from working with patients dedicated to their mental health during a pandemic in full PPE with a guitar! Say that ten times over. My team is amazing, made up of myself, a substance abuse counselor, an occupational therapist, and my new mentee (a music therapy student). This brings me one step closer to running my healing arts center.

Speaking of arts, my music studio is running at full speed, online, and with glitter! Every week I get to teach 16 students how to express themselves in a time when words just aren’t enough. Remote recitals are becoming a regular event and special musical guests from around the world are common. In me music therapy practice, I was featured as a guest in a colleague’s podcast for Black History Month. Many of you know that my platform on equity in music therapy is close to my heart. On the podcast I address issues with the chronic lack of diversity in music therapy. Right now I am very busy writing my article for the Social Justice Issue of the Journal of Music Therapy. I am working with an incredible editor in the field on a piece about shared racial trauma. I hope to use this as an intro to speaking engagements... to be announced this summer.

The sad news is Chiquita went to bunny heaven a bit ago. She was really sick and waited for me to come home from work to pass away in our arms. Chloe is doing ok, but definitely misses her sister.

In the meantime, my hair and skin care lines are rocking, I’m making music every day of the week, and keeping cozy at home with my partner and Chloe. Here’s to things looking up as the spring draws near.

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