The World of Living and Learning Online

Loretta Johnson has experienced digital technology and virtual learning both as a student and instructor, having taught lessons and workshops online for over a decade.


Loretta has worked with:

~teachers transitioning from on-site to online classrooms

~administrators creating workshops for an online platform

~performers looking to create virtual experiences

~clinicians transitioning to tele-health

Check out the workshops from 2020!

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Where am I from? Using Sounds and Words to tell a Family Heritage Story


Have you ever stopped to think about your family’s heritage? What does it sound like? In this workshop we will dig deep into our memories to tell our family stories through music and sound, deepening our connection to our heritage. 

Music of Empathy

Empathy can be complicated to navigate. It is usually in the moment and based on trust. In this workshop we will use music to communicate. We will play with echo and imitation, synchronize with musical elements, borrow and integrate each other’s language, combine energy and pacing, and reflect with our new compositions. Join us in creating art together with sound and feeling. 

Healing through Sound and Rhythm

“Music is what feelings sound like.” -G. Cates


This workshop connects the art of sound and rhythm to the expressions of our emotions and how they show up in our body. Using the voice, body percussion, and visualization, we will settle in for a deep and rejuvenating session in therapeutic music to heal the mind and soul. 

Making Music In the Kitchen


Music is everywhere. Join us from your kitchenand embrace your inner child with pots and pans! Loretta will show you how to dig into rhythm and sound with basic tools from everyday life. Let’s groove!”

Songs of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is the art of letting go, one of the more difficult aspects of our humanity. In this workshop we will explore the 4 phases of forgiveness (Uncovering, Decision, Work, and Deepening) using the 4 2of the elements of music (Melody, Harmony, Rhythm, and Dynamics). Join us in putting the puzzle pieces of self-discovery together to create our own forgiveness song and let go.

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Zoom_ The new tool for remote learning t


"As part of the Archdiocese of Chicago's reorganization of Religious Education program for online learning  during the COVID -19 for the Parish of St. Joseph in Homewood; I met Miss Mederios in an online meeting organized by my boss, Mrs. Karen Shifflet.

As a volunteer Technical Assistant for the Parish, I found Loretta's enthusiasm and the energy with which she presented very motivating. What I anticipated would be  just another zoom meeting had been instantly transformed to what I can call a performance artist on a virtual stage.

Indeed, Mrs.Medeiros has been teaching online for the past 10 years and as her website attests she can do so with ease and presence which inspires teaching and learning for subjects that require in person teaching.


As an Instructional Learning Specialist, I can attest that Mrs. Mederios brings a very tangible and valuable teaching and learning component which is hard to code into bits and bytes by being simply a very enthusiastic and  energetic  presence to any organization that merits her services."


"Loretta’s zoom trainings are exactly what I needed to help my team transition to remote teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic.  She brings such great energy and immediately put my team in a positive and receptive frame of mind.  She expertly led us through hands-on activities as a group while being responsive to our individual needs based on our differing levels of experience with technology.  I highly recommend Loretta’s zoom trainings to any administrator looking to support their team."


In the midst of this global pandemic, when teachers around the world are transitioning to online classrooms, I cannot think of anyone more qualified to prepare teachers for online teaching than Loretta Medeiros. As a music teacher, I have struggled myself with the transition to remote learning. Loretta's wealth of knowledge and breadth of experience as both an in-person and online educator, coupled with her enthusiasm for teaching, have made her an essential resource for me. Loretta's remote learning workshops have helped me gain the skills and confidence I need to continue teaching online.